Hurricane Irma may have left behind a mystery in her wake.
Florida ghost ship ashore hurricane irma destruction aftermath Melbourne beach
Credit: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Residents near Melbourne Beach, Florida are puzzled by a mysterious “ghost ship” that seems to have washed up on shore after Hurricane Irma.

The 45-foot sailboat named "Cuki” appears to have traveled hundreds of miles, and it’s unknown if there were any people on board, save for a few mannequins found below deck.

Tod Goodyear, Brevard County Sheriff's Office spokesman, told Florida Today that the unoccupied sailboat was reported Tuesday morning by a beach jogger. A deputy determined that the vessel is registered to an owner in Key West who is jailed in Monroe County.

The boat traveled a total of about 200 miles during the storm, according to local NBC affiliate, WESH 2.

“What I find amazing is this sailboat stayed intact, two masts, and it rode that hurricane all the way up here from Key West,” said local resident and charter pilot Tom Tobin to Florida Today. “Earlier today when I was out here, there were two mannequins on board. They survived it, too. So to me, that's incredible that they survived that journey in a Category 5 hurricane.”

The mystery ship has been drawing curious spectators since it has been found — and it may be a few months before it can be removed.

Scavengers have reportedly taken electronics from the ship. Luckily, the mannequin occupants have not been harmed.