Pictures show the longest suspension bridge in the U.S. completely covered with snow.

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge at Theme Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Credit: Jon Kraft/Getty Images

If being on a suspension bridge doesn’t already give you a fear of heights, imagine crossing it when there are several inches of snow on it.

The arctic blast that has blanketed parts of the United States recently also covered the famed Gatlinburg SkyBridge in Tennessee with several inches of snow.

The bridge itself — which measures 680 feet long and 140 feet above the ground at its midpoint — is always a marvel to see (or walk across), but something about the fresh, fallen snow makes the area a little more magical.

“Winter arrived a little early at the Gatlinburg SkyBridge this year,” read a caption on the Gatlinburg SkyLife Park Facebook page.

The attraction posted a follow-up video of the bridge on November 13 as well. “The snow and ice is starting to melt, and the view of colliding seasons is evident as you look out onto the Smoky Mountain Range,” it says on the Facebook post. “Goodness, Gatlinburg is beautiful.”

The bridge has certainly become a winter wonderland, though it might not be the best time to attempt to cross it.

According to a local news outlet, the park has closed the bridge. It will remain closed until conditions are safe to walk on it again. Until then, people will just have to admire the bridge from afar.