By Andrea Romano
November 21, 2018
Behind the scenes at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Credit: Mariah Tyler

Bundle up before heading out on Thanksgiving day.

People in the Northeast should be prepared for some extra freezing temperatures and inclement weather for this Thanksgiving weekend, according to CNN. While you may not run into too much rain or snow on your way to your Turkey Day feast, you may find yourself struggling against the elements on the way home.

This weekend should prove to be the coldest Thanksgiving in nearly a century for many areas, CNN reported.

In the Northeast, you might notice some much cooler winds starting on Wednesday night. According to CNN, some may experience some light snow followed by freezing temperatures. In New York, travelers should expect some snow showers, but people in Boston and Philadelphia should look out for strong winds and even more snow to delay them at the airport and train stations. Wing gusts are predicted to reach between 30 to 35 mph on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

On Thursday, get ready for a chilly holiday. You may want to opt for indoor games. The brutal cold in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. will be the worst it's ever been in nearly 100 years, CNN said. For New Yorkers at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, keep warm between the single-digit cold and windy weather.

Bostonians will be lucky if they see the mercury reach 20 degrees Fahrenheit, where wind gusts show no sign of plans to slow down and will result in a five- to 10-degree wind chill. But, if you’re in Washington D.C., you’ll be able to enjoy weather in the mid-30s. Friday will continue to be cold in this region, but will start warming up as the day goes on.

On Saturday and Sunday, bad weather might throw a wrench in travel plans. Rain is predicted to cause delays from Saturday to Sunday morning, though the temperatures should be much warmer. People in Maine may experience some snow.

As for the rest of the country, more wind and rain is expected for the Midwest, South, and Southeast. However, if you’re in the Rockies, you may enjoy some fresh snow for skiing. California, Oregon, and Washington state should expect some rain showers as well.

But nothing beats the cold and rain like hot turkey with gravy and stuffing.