Locate your closest pool, stat.
Heat Wave Map National Weather Service
Credit: Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

The first big heat wave this year is predicted to blaze across the continental U.S. next week, sending temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit at its most extreme.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures are likely to exceed 95 degrees on the East Coast. New York City residents can expect a high of 92 degrees on Tuesday while down in D.C. temperatures may reach 97 degrees, according to data from the Weather Channel.

The National Weather Service reports a 36 percent chance of temperatures climbing over 100 degrees.

The temperatures will calm down later in the week — but not by much. Thursday and Friday temperatures are still expected to stay in the high 80s across the East Coast.

The predicted weather pattern is fairly common, coming in from the coast of Bermuda and bringing hot, humid air up into the mid-Atlantic United States.

While some may use this advance warning as an opportunity to buy fans and air conditioners before stores sell out, it could just be easier to skip out of town completely. This is the perfect opportunity to use those personal days and scoot off to the closest beach for some relief from the heat.

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Welcome to summer.