This Beer Company Will Replant Your Trees If They’re Damaged by a Hurricane

Cerveza Patagonia plants a tree for every case of beer they sell.

Hurricane season can wreak havoc on your home, your car, and even your trees.

Many people along the east coast have trees in their yard, which can be vulnerable to the harsh winds, rain, and floods that hurricane season brings. And if they live in a particularly volatile area, they’re always at risk of those trees being uprooted and damaged.

But Cerveza Patagonia, a company that brews premium beer from the Patagonia region of South America, wants to protect your trees from potentially harmful hurricanes this year. Between now and Oct. 30, anyone can sign up for the company’s Tree Protection Program to ensure that if they lose a tree due to the hurricane, they’ll get a replacement for free.

This new program fits perfectly in line with Cerveza Patagonia’s mission, which is to plant a tree for every case of beer they sell. “Being from Florida, I understand the pain of hurricane season all too well,” said Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director for Cerveza Patagonia, in a statement. “As a brand that already plants a tree for every case of beer we sell, we saw a unique opportunity to help people in a meaningful way this hurricane season.”

Most insurance policies are focused on removing damaged trees for your home, so just think of this program as taking that one step further by also planting a new tree as well. The company also released a hilarious commercial to explain the new program, which parodies all those car or home insurance commercials you see everywhere.

Here’s how you can protect your trees. If you live anywhere on the east coast, particularly in areas where hurricanes are common, you can fill out a simple form to protect trees surrounding your home (and your neighborhood too) on the Cerveza Patagona Tree Protection Program page. This program is totally free and doesn’t even require a purchase.

To learn more about Cerveza Patagonia and their commitment to protecting the environment, visit the company’s website.

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