Here's how high temperatures can affect your next flight.

By Andrea Romano
July 30, 2018
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NurPhoto/Getty Images

The sweltering heat can affect your trip in more ways than one. In fact, all your travel plans might be thrown for a loop in the case of extreme heat.

British Airways was forced to remove passengers from several flights at London City Airport due to the high temperatures, Fox News reported.

The temperature was around 95 degrees last Friday, which affected the air pressure and overall weight on some aircraft. A total of 14 flights had to remove passengers in order to take off in the high heat.

Hot air is thinner than cool air, as author and pilot Patrick Smith explained in his book “Cockpit Confidential,” and high temperatures mean planes need more gas to take off. London’s City Airport has much shorter runways than other local airports, as well, which means planes must take off at a steeper angle, according to Fox News.

On one flight to Ibiza, 20 unlucky passengers found themselves removed from a flight.

Fox News reported no one volunteered to be booted from the flights, so the crew had to pick passengers at random.

“We’re working with the airline to ensure passengers get to their destination as quickly as possible and we apologise for the inconvenience caused,” a spokesperson for British Airways said in a statement. “Like other airlines operating from London City today, British Airways flights were affected by the extreme heat.”