Deserts make up more than 18 percent of Australia's land mass, and it's rare that you'll catch one of these areas in bloom. But after an unusual amount of rain at the end of 2016, the country's “Red Centre” is dotted with greenery.

And the best way to take in this kind of scene is by drone. On January 7, FIlippo Gelada went out and took his own drone out for a spin, capturing some stunning views of Australia in bloom.

According to a news release from Australia Parks, nearby areas, such as the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, closed down for a few days due to the unexpected weather. It has since been re-opened, but rangers are still addressing areas with excess flooding and water damage. Since the rainfall, the local weather has made a complete switch, regularly reaching more than 100 degrees—so take care if you plan on taking in the bloom in person and bring extra water.