An airport ground worker at Southwest Florida International Airport has spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from injuries he sustained after a lightning strike last month.

Austin Dunn, 21, was standing next to the wing of a Sun Country Airlines plane on July 22 when a lightning storm rolled in. One bolt hit the plane Dunn was working on, sending shockwaves of electricity through his body.

Dunn sustained third degree burns on his hands, feet and chest, bleeding in his brain, and severe muscle damage.

A video released by the local NBC News affiliate shows footage of the incident.

Two other workers were also on the tarmac during the lightning storm but were not hit. One was directing the front of the aircraft while the other was driving a vehicle to move it away from the runway, according to NBC News.

As soon as Dunn was hit, his coworkers ran to get help and a lightning warning system was activated.

Dunn’s sister, Autumn, told NBC News, “we knew he wouldn't give up. Once we knew he was alive…It was a relief but it was definitely the scariest thing, you don't expect it ... you don't expect it.”

Dunn was released on Tuesday from Tampa General Hospital.