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By Lindsey Campbell
July 27, 2016
Secret VIP Club Penn Station
Credit: FMB PHOTO/Getty Images

Travelers passing through Penn Station, listen up: There’s a secret VIP club hidden inside. [Atlas Obscura]

A new Kickstarter campaign started by A-List photographer Jeremy Cowart, aims to build a hotel that has a serious purpose. The Purpose Hotel, as it’s called, holds the motto, “Change the world while you sleep,” —a phrase pointed to the idea of a hotel where every transaction benefits a greater good. [Observer]

Even the most seasoned travelers are perplexed by the dos and don’t of tipping on the road. How much is expected? Who expects it? These questions maybe plague travelers around the world, but here are a few quick guidelines to keep in mind. [New York Times]

Whether you’re business is big or small, travel is an integral part of growing a company. And, while there are multiple ways to handle travel from a business point of view, there are a few key tips to keep in mind that will stretch every dollar further. [Xero]

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