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Airfordable Travel
Credit: Getty Images/EyeEm Premium

There’s no worse feeling than finding the perfect unexpected flight deal only to realize you don’t quite have enough money to pay for it (just yet!). So, what if you could finance your vacation? Airfordable, a startup that lets you pay for your vacation over time, does just that. Get the full details, here. [Tech Crunch]

Whether you’ve spent the day touring a new city on vacation, or you’re just trying to beat the heat in your hometown, there are some precautions everyone should take. These are the signs of heat illness everyone should know about. [Health]

When you search for a hotel, restaurant, or anything else for that matter, how closely do you pay attention to the star rating? Is three stars satisfactory? Four? Do you stick to five-star only? Does the scale slide depending on what you’re looking for? Here’s why online star reviews are flawed, and what can be done about it. [Money]

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