This could be a big step forward for the biofuels industry.

By Ben Geier / Fortune
June 30, 2015
united airplane
Credit: © Michele Eve Sandberg/Corbis

Get ready for a slightly ripe scent on your next United flight — the airline is going to power a plane with animal waste, reports the New York Times.

Ok, so you won’t actually be able to smell the fuel — for passengers, in fact, almost nothing will be different when a plane takes off from Los Angeles this summer fueled only by animal’s droppings and oils from animal fats.

It will be a big step, though, for the biofuels industry. The Times notes that companies that make alternative fuels have long seen airlines as potential partners, and this United UAL 1.86% flight could be a sign of things to come.

For more on how the flight will work, and what it could mean for the industry, head to the Times.

This story originally appeared in Fortune.