Credit: © Michael Harvey / Alamy

Turns out there’s a massive store in Scottsboro, Alabama that’s making a profit from your unfortunate baggage situation. The Unclaimed Baggage Center measures in at 40,000 square feet—covering more than a city block—and is packed full of clothing, jewelry, electronics, and anything else you’d likely tote on vacation. With more than one million visitors making the trek every year, it’s safe to say this is much more than a resale shop.

Here’s how it works: After every humanly possible attempt is made to reunite a traveler with his or her belongings, airlines will pay the bag owner a claim for the inconvenience. The small percentage of bags that go unclaimed are sold to Unclaimed Baggage Center for the world’s hands to dig through. The items that can’t be sold for whatever reason are donated or thrown out. Chances are if it’s good enough to take up precious room in your checked bags, someone’s going to buy it up.

Curious about what else you can find in the three-level store? Check out their online directory.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.