This Pro Golfer Just Shared His Favorite TikTok Travel Hack — and We Promise You'll Love It

Everyone loves a good travel hack.

If there's one thing to love about TikTok, it's the abundance of travel hacks. It seems as though people love nothing more than spilling the secrets to traveling like a pro on the platform, including tips on how to pack, how to score money if you're bumped off a flight, and how to get the best seat no matter which airline you fly. And now, one professional golfer is sharing his go-to travel secret that he learned on TikTok, too.

Tour pro Tyler McCumber recently shared with his go-to secret to ensuring he can still catch up on his favorite TV shows and movies in the air, even if the plane doesn't come with a television monitor.

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"If you're on an older plane, they won't have screens," McCumber shared. "A lot of the planes that they're flying right now, they haven't had screens. So when your tray goes up, there's a little notch. So what I do is I take my phone, and I take my case off…I take the throw-up bag, and you put it in your phone case and put your case back on. So you can hold your phone up, essentially, and then you put the bag [in between the notch and the tray.] That's how you watch TV."

Though McCumber could have taken credit for the ingenious idea, he shared with that he's actually like the rest of us and gets all his travel hacks on social media and the internet, too.

"I Googled 'top five travel hacks on airplanes.' Because no one likes to hold their phone up for five hours. So you're looking up and you've got your headphones in and pretty much your own display monitor," McCumber revealed.

Want to try it for yourself? Watch this quick tutorial by TikToker Stephen Edwards, which has racked up nearly 10 million views to date.

Just don't forget to download a few of the best plane movies ever made before takeoff.

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