Of course he did.


A prime minister must be prepared for anything.

After winning a nationwide contest, five-year-old Bella (from Manitoba, Canada) went to Ottawa earlier this month to meet Justin Trudeau and learn how to be Prime Minister of Canada.

For her first important lesson in ruling the Great White North, Bella learned how to recycle common materials into an emergency bunker. Should Ottawa ever go under attack, Trudeau proved that he is capable of protecting his office by building a pillow fort.

Armed with couch cushions and a Canadian Maple leaf blanket, Trudeau demonstrated proper pillow fort technique. The fort started with two sturdy leather-backed chairs as walls. The powerful duo then reinforced the walls with cushions. The final touch was the blanket, which they could use to conceal themselves in event of invasion.

For those who want to know what other wisdom Trudeau imparted, the CBC will air Bella’s day as prime minister on July 1, Canada Day (and the country's 150th anniversary).

In her winning entry, Bella wrote about what she would do if she were Prime Minister for the day.

“As prime minster, I would make sure everyone has homes and everyone is safe,” Bella wrote to CBC Kids. “I would hug everyone. I would make sure animals and the world around us are kept safe. I would make sure every Canadian is healthy. I would show kindness to everyone.”

It seems like Trudeau is already following Bella’s agenda — starting with the hugs for everyone. Over the weekend, he photobombed a bunch of teens taking prom pictures while he was out for his run.