By Melissa Locker
January 12, 2016

English writer and comedian Stephen Fry has a few pointers for anyone planning a trip to the U.K.

In a new video made for Heathrow Airport, Fry offers some helpful hints for visitors heading to the “happy island” he calls home.

But before you hop a flight to London, the Scottish highlands, or to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, Fry suggests you take a moment to learn a few of the guidelines of British etiquette.

For example, visitors will want to note that “a staggering 91% of British verbal exchanges involve the weather.” Then there’s the “agreement rule” which simply requires always agreeing with whatever is being said. However, if you strongly disagree, you should master the art of displaying displeasure in the British way.

Travelers should also be aware of the fact that standing in a queue is an all-time favorite British pastime, second only to applauding when dishware breaks in a public venue. If your queue gets in a jumble or you’re entering the Tube or a lift, be prepared to practice your “after yous” which simply involves saying “after you” or adding a sincere, “No please, we insist” to the conversation.

Fry ends the video by explaining that the golden rule of traveling in Britain is to make yourself at home—and since he is demonstrating all of these rules of etiquette from the comfort of a British pub—it’s certainly easy to comply.