A globe-spanning Instagram feed may be considered the benchmark for being well traveled in 2017, but for the ultimate travel bragging rights, there’s the Travelers’ Century Club.

Billed as the world’s most elite travel community, the club is made up exclusively of people who have visited more than 100 countries — no small feat considering there are only 195 sovereign countries on Earth as defined by the U.S. Department of State.

Luckily for those interested, the club's definition of a country is quite broad, and has expanded to include 325 destinations like Prince Edward Island (a Canadian province) and Alaska (the U.S. state).

The club dates back to 1954, when it was founded in Los Angeles by a small group of world travelers, and has since expanded into a community of 1,400 members hailing from all around the globe.

Once admitted, members have access to a network of travelers with rare knowledge about little-known locales around the world. Want to know the best way to cross the treacherous waters surrounding the Pitcairn Islands? Or what to do if you find yourself in the middle of the Namib Desert with a flat tire? Travelers’ Century Club members can answer those questions and many more during regular in-person meet-ups.

Other member perks include organized travel excursions; educational seminars; social events across the 21 club chapters worldwide; access to exclusive guides that detail the world’s more difficult-to-reach destinations; as well as a membership card, certificate, and pin.

To apply, simply fill out the application form, tick off each of the 100 countries you’ve visited, and pay the $100 initiation fee. And just like that, you’ve got instant jet-set status.