By Chris Abell
January 06, 2016
Robertus Pudyanto/ © Judith Collins / Alamy Stock Photo

People bring weird things on airplanes. Combine that with the TSA’s “when in doubt, take it out” approach, and you can imagine that the agency must have quite a trove of bewildering goods (a Buzz Lightyear gun and some stuffed tamales, to name just a few). Every week the TSA blog documents both the oddest and most dangerous items confiscated from carry-on bags around the United States, and every week, some surprises show up. This past holiday season was no exception. First, of course, are the guns. The weekly totals:

Thanksgiving (November 20-26): 42 firearms
Pre-Christmas (December 18-24): 52 firearms
Christmas and New Year’s (December 25-31): 46 firearms
Holiday Total: 140 firearms.

But that doesn’t include other weapons the TSA seized, such as:

"Batarangs": Batman’s gotta get home for the holidays, too, and apparently he decided to fly commercial.

Throwing Stars: Ninja Airlines usually lets you check them, but please, don’t carry them on.

"Cat Eyes": Not actual cats’ eyes. And not some cute toy, either. This is a punching weapon designed to inflict pain. Maybe Catwoman was traveling, too?

Some outdoorsy types lost a few items to the TSA, as well:

Bear Repellant: So apparently bear repellant is not only a real thing, but it also falls under the same under-four-ounces carry-on rule as other liquids and sprays. Because just a small dab of the ointment should keep that grizzly away.

Ice Pick Concealed in a Cane: Not entirely sure what type of person needs a cane but also picks ice.

The TSA Instagram account posts pictures of some of their spoils:

We’re waiting on the TSA to have a garage sale. We’ll be sure to let you know if it happens.

Chris Abell is the editorial producer at Travel+Leisure. You can follow him on Instagram at @buildingflavors.