The chalet is located in Glacier National Park.
Glacier National Park
Credit: Peter Unger/Getty Images

The main building of the historic Sperry Chalet in Montana's Glacier National Park burned in a wildfire Thursday night.

Firefighters attempted to save the building, and no one was hurt in the operation, the Associated Press reported.

“The firefighters, supported by 3 helicopters, made a valiant stand to save the structure but were unsuccessful in saving the main Sperry Chalet,” according to a statement posted on a federal fire website.

The Sperry Chalet was built in 1913 and had been on the National Register of Historic Place since 1977, according to the AP.

Sperry Chalet served as a trail lodge, made up of a dormitory and a dining hall, according to a nomination form to include the chalet on the national register. A description from the nomination reads:

“The largest and most architecturally impressive structure of the two is the dormitory, covered by a large gable roof pierced by two dormers on each side of the gable that shelter small log-framed balconies. The roofs are finished with wood shingles. The random rubble masonry of the walls have some stones that extend up to a foot out from the rest of the wall in distorted shapes in the way that clinker bricks extend out from brick walls.”

Wildfires have ravaged Montana this summer, as the state copes with blazes that have damaged swaths of the landscape while draining the state's emergency funds.

Some 1,500 wildfires have burned 937 square miles in Montana this year alone, Montana Public Radio reported. On the day that the Sperry Chalet burned, firefighters were dealing with dozens of other wildfires, including 13 new blazes in the Kootenai National Forest.