It was a replacement device.

Smoke from a Samsung device caused a plane to evacuate
Credit: Getty Images

Smoke from a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused the emergency evacuation of a Southwest flight at Louisville International Airport in Kentucky on Wednesday.

The Samsung device overheated and started smoking at 9:20 a.m. local time while the plane was preparing for its flight to Baltimore.

Southwest confirmed in a statement that 75 people on board the plane, including crew, were evacuated via the main cabin door. There were no injuries and the only damage reported was to the plane’s carpeting where the phone was dropped.

Southwest did not confirm whether or not the overheated Samsung device was a Galaxy Note 7, but The Verge reported that the device was a replacement Note 7, deemed to be safe by its manufacturer.

Brian Green, the owner of the phone, told The Verge that he powered down before takeoff and put the phone in his pocket. It began producing a “thick grey-green angry smoke” and he dropped it on the floor. The phone is now under investigation with the Louisville Fire Department’s arson unit.

The flight was cancelled and passengers rescheduled to their final destinations.

Southwest issued a travel advisory about the Galaxy Note 7 in September and asks all passengers to follow the Department of Transportation’s Safety Requirements: Turn off the device, disconnect from chargers, close all applications, protect the power switch and keep the phone in a carry-on or on their person.