“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...”


Drone footage from Santa Rosa, California, shows a United States Postal Service driver dutifully delivering mail in a neighborhood devastated by one of the recent fires.

Nearly every home has been charred to the foundations, making for an eerie montage.

Aerial photographer Douglas Thron shot the footage in Coffey Park, The Mercury News reported: “It was a trippy thing – he was actually delivering the mail,” he told the newspaper. “I was shocked to see him because most of the roads were blocked off, but he obviously had access.”

The USPS district manager for San Francisco provided a statement to The Mercury News to explain why the mail carrier was making the deliveries:

“This is an example of the long standing relationship that has been established between our carriers and their customers based on trust. The carrier in question was honoring a request by a few customers who were being let back in the fire zone to retrieve personal items. A few customers asked the carrier to leave their mail if the mailbox was still standing because they could not get to the annex to retrieve it.”

Santa Rosa California
Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“I’ve covered wildfires and floods before and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Thron, the aerial photographer, told the paper. “It was unbelievable.”