Traveling Baby Hotel
Credit: Getty Images

Last week, I shared a first-hand account of what it was like to tote my newborn son, Bobby, to a hotel—as well as the tips I took away from the experience. I was thrilled to see readers comment with their own advice on Facebook. Here are a few ideas for making traveling with a baby stress-free that followers shared with Travel + Leisure:

1. From Nicole Cola: Order small packages of diapers, wipes, and baby food from Amazon and have it shipped directly to your hotel in advance. Wipe down the crib [for sanitary purposes] with wipes. And pack your own towels and washcloths, since the ones at the hotel can sometimes be rough or washed with a harsh detergent.

2. From Michelle Castillo: Bring your child’s favorite blanket or toy to help make them feel like they are at home.

3. From Tarah Davis: Try to keep to your child's general schedule for napping and eating.

4. From Meghan Maloney Trubee: Don't get a room by the elevator!

5. From Tai Kojiro-Badziak: If you are travelling internationally or are on a tight budget, consider toting a travel crib. We had one for three weeks in Italy, and it was great since half the hotels that said they would have cribs didn’t.

6. From Michelle Takir: Bring lots of snacks. Don’t let the snobby glares get to you. Let the little one have rest. And most of all have fun!

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