Police are urging people to stay indoors as manhunt continues.
Credit: Joerg Koch/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on time.com.

Shots were fired Friday at a shopping center in Munich, Germany, leading police to evacuate the location, as authorities said there were ‘several dead and wounded’ in the attack.

German public broadcaster BR reports six people have been killed in the shooting, which took place at a McDonald’s restaurant, according to the Associated Press. A police spokesperson said the shooter or shooters in the attack were on the run, and urged people to stay indoors as the manhunt continues.

Witnesses said there were three people with firearms, according to a statement on the Munich police Facebook page. “We believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage,” police said according to Reuters. The AP reports police are using “suspected terrorism” in relation to the mall attack.

Footage showed dozens of emergency vehicles outside the shopping center and German media reports said the city’s transit system has been shut down following the shooting. The U.S. State Department warned Americans abroad to “shelter in place.” President Obama and the White House are aware of the situation and pledged to Germany “all the support that they may need” in the investigation.

Earlier this week, a teenager armed with a knife and an axe attacked passengers on a train near Würzburg, Germany. Officials treated that incident as the first ISIS attack in Germany.

By Rosalie Chan / Time.com and Time.com