A man was arrested in Hong Kong over the weekend after CCTV footage captured him pushing a railway worker off a train platform and onto the tracks.

On Saturday morning, the 59-year-old railway worker stopped on the platform to talk to a colleague across the tracks in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long district. While she was talking, the man, without any apparent motive, reached out and shoved the woman off the platform. He walked away without looking back at the woman lying down on the tracks.

The woman was able to escape before any trains passed through the station.

“The woman suffered injuries to her jaw and was sent to Pok Oi Hospital for treatment,” a police spokesperson told the South China Morning Post. She was released later that day.

Police identified and arrested the assailant near the train station about 20 minutes after the incident, according to China’s News Now. He is a 56-year-old resident of Hong Kong and police suspect that he was drunk at the time of the attack.

They are still trying to identify a motive.