Evacuations have already begun in some areas of Texas.

Hurricane Harvey
Credit: ESA (CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO)

As Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a category two storm Friday, and will soon make landfall on the Gulf Coast, residents and travelers in the region should prepare for possible evacuations and travel cancelations.

Hurricane Harvey has maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour and is expected to produce extreme rainfall, flooding, and possible tornadoes in southeast Texas, according to a warning from the National Hurricane Center.

The warning emphasized that the greatest threat to life would be flooding caused by the heavy rains.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency for 30 counties in the state, warning residents to minimize risk and follow all official directives. Evacuations have already begun for some coastal cities, according to local news reports.

“I strongly urge all Texans to heed warnings from your local officials, and I also urge that you immediately follow evacuation orders for all impacted counties,” he said.

Airlines have already begun offering waivers or the opportunity to rebook for passengers flying in and out of certain Texas airports.

Several airlines are waiving change and re-booking fees for passengers flying in or out of airports near the hurricane, TIME reported. Passengers should check directly with their airline on which flights apply and when they can rebook with the waived change fees:

Cruise lines are closely monitoring the situation, and three Galveston-based ships have already been diverted, according to CNN.

Carnival Cruises advised customers to sign up for text alerts, as they have a ship scheduled to depart this weekend.