By Nikki Ekstein
March 14, 2016
Hiker trekking Rucu Pichincha Volcano, Quito, Pichincha Province, Ecuador, South America
Credit: Matthew Williams-Ellis

If you’ve been putting off a trip (or a babymoon) because of Zika virus, you can officially travel worry-free to a few Latin American cities. According to the CDC, destinations at high altitude are at “minimal risk” for Zika virus, since the disease-carrying mosquitoes can only survive in humid climates.

In this case, “high altitude” is considered to be 2,000 meters (roughly 6,500 feet). That means Mexico City; Quito, Ecuador; La Paz, Bolivia; and Bogota, Colombia are all cleared from their travel warnings. If you’re considering a trip to Machu Picchu, however, consider that Cusco and the historical sites in the Sacred Valley are all at Zika-free elevations—but a layover in Lima may expose pregnant travelers to some risk.

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