An estimated 59,000 travelers have been stranded in Bali by the eruption of Mount Agung, as a cloud of volcanic ash has interrupted flights.

Despite attempts to reopen Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, Indonesia’s primary airport will remain closed until at least 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday. The closure is reevaluated every six hours, according to the Associated Press.

Travelers in a hurry to return home from their Bali vacation found some relief when the airport on the nearby island of Lombok reopened on Tuesday.

According to Travel Weekly, tourists stranded on Bali have alternative methods of leaving Indonesia. At this time, 100 buses are transporting travelers stuck at Bali’s airport to ferry terminals, allowing access to neighboring islands including Java.

Hotels belonging to the Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association have also agreed to extend a complimentary night’s stay to visitors.

Certain airlines, including Singapore Airlines’ budget arm, Scoot, have stopped selling tickets to and from Bali until at least December 4, Channel NewsAsia reported.

While a more serious eruption seems imminent, travelers stuck on the so-called Island of the Gods are — at this time — not without things to do.

Far beyond the evacuation zone surrounding Mount Agung, travelers can spend their extra time on the island visiting the famous beaches and the temple complexes of Ubud.