By Melissa Locker
February 23, 2016
Airport Security
Credit: Getty Images

Keeping flights safe is incredibly important, but sometimes standing in line for airport security can be a real drag. While savvy travelers know to sign up for TSA Precheck to skip the lines at airports, sometimes passengers feel they need to take matters into their own hands—and suffer the consequences.

Such was the case for Eimear Ni Ghiallgairrh who was running late for a flight to Ireland and became "frustrated by the airport staff" as she was held up in security, according to The Sun.

Ghiallgairrh became so irate over the slow pace of the security line that she came up with a unique solution to the problem—stripping down to her skivvies in the hopes of speeding up the process. According to the prosecutor, Ghiallgairrh removed her skirt and refused to be searched, became heated, and banged on the desk.

She was ultimately arrested, even breaking her thumb in the process, and held in a cell for 12 hours. During her time in the clink, she tore up a copy of the police codes of practice, which resulted in additional charges. She eventually pleaded guilty to disorderly behavior and criminal damage and was fined £150 ($211). And, yes, she missed her flight.

The judge in the case must have spent some of his own time in security lines, though, because in his decision he noted how stressful and frustrating those situations can be. "I have to take into account the stress you were in which led to your behavior and the fact you were surrounded by thousands of other people also stressed," he said. In short, we've all been there.

Instead of stripping and causing a scene, we suggest that next time Ghiallgairrh plans ahead with this pre-flight checklist and downloads MiFlight, an app that tracks wait times at 150 airports worldwide.