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Travel Warnings

A deadly virus outbreak, an approaching storm, political upheaval, a police investigation, a public health emergency—travel warnings throw our impending trips into unfamiliar territory. When bound for a country affected by a natural or man-made threat, many questions need immediate answers: is the country safe to enter? What other areas are involved? Is my own health at risk? How are residents and incoming travelers being affected? Will it change future travel to the region? Should I leave where I currently am, and is it safe to do so? When will the situation be resolved? Travel Warnings vs. Travel AlertsWarnings identify a long-term danger in a given country, either cautioning against all travel here or simply informing people of what risk they will face. Alerts, in contrast, involve threats of limited duration such as a hurricane or a public demonstration. Where travel safety is a concern, no matter the severity of the situation, Travel + Leisure is on top of breaking world news, acting as a travel advisory to dispatch critical information that keeps travelers and readers informed and prepared.Do Your ResearchTravel alerts can be frightening and confusing. When in doubt, head to trusted news sources for need-to-know information, such as who or what is affected and, if health related, what the telltale symptoms are. Get the facts, review important safety tips, and use common sense. If your travels are bound for an affected area, assess whether your safety or the safety of others will be at risk if plans move forward, use your best judgment on whether or not to cancel or postpone an itinerary—and act, be it to exercise caution, receive the appropriate vaccines or immunizations, or save your trip for another day.Safety while traveling is always top priority. When the news breaks, check back here for coverage you can trust.
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