Plan a trip honoring your ancestry using this DNA kit.

By Cailey Rizzo
February 03, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Living DNA

For anyone looking to go back to their roots, DNA Unwrapped will analyze your ancestry and then help you organize a trip to your motherland.

In order to start their trip, customers first must take a DNA sample via a mouth swab. DNA Unwrapped will then provide a snapshot of their genealogical make-up. Each test result includes a match to one of 80 different types of profiles, which allows customers to track their ancestry to the beginning of human time, according to the company.

Once customers are matched with their ancestral and DNA profiles, they can plan a trip using the “Travel Unwrapped” service. The service allows travelers to plan a personalized itinerary based on their ancestry and their interests.

Credit: Courtesy of Living DNA

Itineraries are planned by individual travel guides using “specific areas or regions within the results excite you and design your journey around this, immersing you within the culture of the country and allowing you to connect to your heritage,” according to the company.

Travelers can choose which accommodations best fit their styles and budgets (overnight choices range from private islands to hotels). For those looking for an extra special touch for their ancestral vacation, it’s even possible to book a personal genealogist as guide for the entire trip.

The DNA Kit is available for $169. Vacation prices vary.