World's Top 10 Cities: Kyoto, Japan
Credit: Courtesy of Hoshinoya Resorts

Pinterest is great for a lot of things—trip planning being one of them. After all, there's nothing more inspiring than a Pinterest board full of aspirational destination photos just waiting to be seen in person. Place Pins—a function allowing you to add a location to specific content you pin—has completely changed trip planning on the platform. Pinterest recently announced a round of updates to Place Pins: location info (addresses, phone numbers, store hours, etc.) will now be uploaded automatically with each pin, a map preview of where the actual pinned content is located, and suggested pins from people who live in the area or have previously been to the location you're pinning.

Needless to say, all of this will make planning out our dream vacations a little easier. In honor of this update, Pinterest has released the 20 most-pinned spots across the channel—they even made a Pinterest board for the information (of course). Commence the wanderlust:

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