Young workers report being made to feel guilty about taking time off.

Distressed Young Female
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here’s some news to at least partially explain why Americans leave hundreds of millions of paid vacation days on the table every year: the majority of working millennials—folks between the ages of 18 to 34—report feeling shamed for taking time off work. According to the 2016 Alamo Family Vacation Survey, 59 percent of millennials surveyed reported being “vacation shamed” for taking or planning their vacations.

What’s more, 22 percent of those surveyed admitted that it’s actually kept them from going on or planning a vacation.

The study also revealed that 47 percent of millennials said they have felt the need to justify to their employer why they are using their vacation days.

This study correlates with the one completed last year by the company that revealed 41 percent of participants have unused paid vacation days. Even when people are using their paid time off, many—44 percent of people surveyed—are working on the road.

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