Food trucks and drinking in glass bottles are also unwelcome.

Credit: Buena Vista Images/Getty Images

Authorities in Milan are banning a host of activities that promote anti-social behavior, drunkenness, or littering, local outlets reported.

Included in the restrictions were selfie sticks and the sale of alcohol in glass bottles in the Darsena docklands area, starting Friday. The ban also includes food trucks and any moving trade, The Local reported.

The rule prevents tourists and locals alike from “holding, carrying, leaving on the ground, disposing of, or receiving any kind of glass bottles or containers, cans, and selfie sticks,” according to the same report.

It remained unclear whether selfie sticks fell under the category of anti-social behavior or littering. The regulations will be in place until mid-August with the potential to extend them longer.

Rome has introduced a spate of similar regulations, prohibiting people from eating and drinking near fountains, and most recently cracking down on the nighttime sale of alcohol.

Rome introduced the rule forbidding eating and drinking near fountains and landmarks back in June, as an attempt to preserve their integrity and prevent littering. Tourists and locals who don't respect the ban, face a fine of up to 240 euros, or approximately $275.

Local businesses have bristled at Rome's crackdown on selling and consuming alcohol in public spaces at night, announced this week. The ban prevents people from consuming alcohol between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m.