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Credit: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

"And on the right you will see: another tour bus."

If you live anywhere near a tourist spot, you know you can expect them at any time of the year. People who live in the hearts of bustling cities are used to out-of-towners milling around with their eyes glued to their phone's GPS or stopping abruptly to take pictures of landmarks.

But for the people who live in the Hollywood Hills, the open air tour bus industry may have crossed the line when it comes to safety.

According to The New York Times, the Los Angeles City Council is now implementing stricter regulations for tour buses, including giving riders private headphones and banning tours on certain streets. The new restrictions were approved on Wednesday, CBS-LA reported.

Los Angelenos say these tour buses have been hazardous to other drivers on the curvy, narrow roads of the Hollywood Hills.

"You're talking about over 100 buses every day traveling the small streets of Hollywood Hills. Blocking Mulholland Drive and creating huge hazards. It really gets out of hand," Anastasia Mann, the president of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, told The New York Times.

Mann also spoke to KABC in Los Angeles, saying that some tour bus drivers have not only broken traffic laws, but also lie to tourists about where celebrities live.

"We want good tourism," she said. "We want our tourists to be treated properly and to be happy. And to carry the right message back home about Hollywood."