By Stacey Leasca
December 12, 2019

If you were dreaming of a tropical vacation to a stunning island destination in 2019 you were far from alone. According to Google’s 2019 Year in Search, our collective search history proves we all either dreamt of or actually planned a break to the tropics over the last year.

The company’s annual Year in Search, released this week, highlights the people, topics, events, places, and global stories that captured people’s attention. It also showcases all the trending topics across pop culture and lifestyle, sports, music, news, and more, including where we all wanted to travel in the past year.

According to Google’s Year in Search the top 10 trending searches for “trip to…” highlighted everyone’s deep desire to head someone warm, or head out on a great adventure. The top 10 searches for “trip to…” included trip to the Maldives, trip to Japan, trip to Bora Bora, trip to Vegas, trip to Mexico, trip to Alaska, trip to New Orleans, trip to California, trip to New York, and trip to Costa Rica.

That list, Google explained, is “based on search terms that had the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year.”

Each of those destinations will likely continue to trend in 2020, as they are all perennial traveler favorites. However, one more destination you may also see trend in the new year is Australia, Travel + Leisure’s destination of the Year.

Credit: Franziska Schwarzlmuellet/EyeEm/Getty Images

“While some things have remained constant in the land Down Under — the exuberant hospitality, the otherworldly scenery — there’s now a fresh energy spreading across the country,” we wrote about our new favorite spot for 2020. “New experiences and hotels have opened up less-frequented destinations. Innovative chefs and winemakers are putting a global spin on native ingredients. And though there’s no denying it takes some time to get there, the recent addition of direct flights from Chicago, Houston, and London is making the journey easier than ever.”

Check out why we think this spot should make it to the top of the trending list in 2020 and get inspired for a trip Down Under here.