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Credit: Alex Robinson/Getty Images

Going an entire year without taking a day off is becoming a common reality for many Americans. According to Allianz Travel Insurance’s seventh annual Vacation Confidence Index, more than 170 million Americans (or 53 percent of the population) reported going 12 months without taking a single day off.

While that number is down three percentage points since last year’s results, it’s only by a slight margin.

The survey, which was conducted from June 2-5 of this year, also found that just 15 percent of Americans have taken a vacation within the last three months, while 16 percent have not been on a trip in the last one to two years.

In addition, 37 percent of respondents hadn’t taken a vacation in more than two years.

While participants did not indicate specific reasons for not taking vacations in this latest survey, an earlier edition which came out in July revealed that Americans were concerned with the risk of terrorist attacks occuring during a trip, leading many to consider canceling, delaying, or reconsidering their travel plans.