He's traveling the world without ever boarding a plane.

By Cailey Rizzo
Updated: December 14, 2016
Thierry Dosogne/Getty Images

It’s an age-old maxim that, in life, one either has money or time. For those who have plenty of the latter, a modern explorer could serve as the ultimate travel inspiration.

Thor Pedersen has spent the past two years traveling all around the world without putting a dent in his wallet, thanks to his unconventional transportation choice.

In 2013, Pedersen set a goal to travel to every country in the world without ever stepping foot on a plane. So, in order to make this reality, he obviously needed to use a boat. But he didn’t choose just any boat. He chose container ships.

Travel by container ship is, for the most part, free. The 38-year-old Danish citizen spends, on average, just $20 per day to travel all around the world. The catch is that it’s a lengthy time commitment. While flying over the Pacific Ocean takes about 12 hours, crossing the ocean by container ship takes about two weeks.

And it’s not just that the journey takes longer: Luxuries (and distractions) onboard a container ship are minimal.

“On [one], I also saw the Northern Lights, and I saw whales and dolphins. It's quite extraordinary sometimes,” Pedersen told VICE. “But most of the time, you just see water.”

For anyone inspired by his journey, Pedersen is clear that obtaining passage aboard a container ship is not easy. Potential passengers will have to visit a container ship’s travel agency page and barter or haggle to get onboard. Pedersen said that because he is traveling as a goodwill ambassador for the Danish Red Cross, captains of container ships are much more willing to have him onboard.

Pedersen is currently in Kenya, the 121st country on his list of 203. He expects to finish the journey in 2017.