Kaanapali Beach in Hawaii
Credit: Getty Images

Want to go on vacation but can’t afford it? Enter: FundMyTravel, an online crowdfunding platform developed specifically for the travel-minded.

Like any normal crowdfunding site, people can create a page and ask family, friends, and strangers to donate. The difference is that the funds go to support some type of travel dream. The site “contains campaigns for everything from new businesses to community projects to family emergencies, making it complicated and challenging for travelers to find their voice,” reads the website. The catch? FundMyTravel scrapes 5 percent of all the money you raise.

One page, for example, is dedicated to celebrating “Kelly’s 50th Birthday." Another user is looking to head to Transylvania to help with biodiversity conservation.

Want to head on a trip around the world or volunteer in a foreign country? Just log on and create a free account and campaign.