It's hard being rich and smart.

In-flight tantrums are always a gold mine for internet fodder, but one man’s recent epic rant might take the cake. A drunk passenger was thrown off a JetBlue flight on April 8 after loudly professing he was millionaire, owned six houses, and was a genius to boot.

David Brackett, who reports say is the vice president at California real estate and mortgage company Homeland Financial Network, was captured on cellphone footage yelling at passengers and refusing to cooperate with the cabin crew. During his outbursts he boasted about his wealth saying, “I’m 28 and make $4 million a year.” He later added, “I own six houses.”

The belligerent man also threatens to sue his fellow passengers, claims to have 20/20 vision and an IQ of 176 while being escorted off the plane by security. Two other men, that appeared to be friends of Brackett, were also escorted off the plane for their disruptive behavior.

JetBlue released a statement about the situation: “On April 8, Flight 266 from Long Beach to Sacramento returned to the gate shortly before departure following a report of disruptive customers in the cabin. The aircraft was met by local authorities where the customers were removed before the flight continued on to Sacramento.”

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw