A week after saying that he doesn’t tip housekeeping when he travels, Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta has changed his position.

At an industry conference in New York City last week, Nassetta answered a question about how much he tips housekeeping by saying, “I typically do not leave a tip,” The Points Guy reported.

The comment set off a flurry of comments and articles criticizing the CEO for not tipping the employees at the hotel. A Hilton spokesperson clarified the CEO’s position, saying that it was his “view that every Hilton Team Member works hard. Rather than selectively reward some Team Members, he is focused on providing meaningful economic opportunities for all 400,000 Team Members.”

Hilton CEO, Christopher Nassetta
Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

But after a few days of internet controversy, the CEO has changed his position: “When it comes to tipping in hotels, I have always had a different approach to work and personal travel,” Nassetta said in a statement. “I also never meant for my approach to work stays at Hilton properties to discourage others from tipping when they are traveling. Going forward, I will tip when traveling for both work and personal travel.”

Nassetta worked his way up to his CEO position after starting as a junior-level engineer at a Holiday Inn.

“Nothing is more important to me than Hilton's culture and team members, especially our housekeepers, who are central to delivering Hilton hospitality around the world,” Nassetta said in the statement.

It is general courtesy in the U.S. to tip housekeeping at your hotel, along with most other people who perform a service for guests, including the concierge and bellman. General housekeeper tipping etiquette is a few dollars per night, alongside a note letting the cleaning staff know that the money is for them.