'Tis the season for holiday tipping.

How much to tip your doorman
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In the flurry of holiday gift-giving, apartment dwellers should remember some very important people on the list: the doormen and supers who deal with housing crises and keep buildings running smoothly all year long.

It’s traditional for tenants to leave a holiday bonus for building staff, but until now, just how much to tip annually has been something of a guessing game.

Enter the “Holiday Doorman Tip-O-Meter,” a handy tipping calculator developed by tech-forward real estate agency TripleMint. Simply fill in a few basic questions (Do you own or rent? How long have you lived in the building? How often do you use the services?), and the Tip-O-Meter will spit out a safe recommended tipping range for the super, doorman or concierge, and porter (if you have one). Then all you have to do is write a check for the right amount, ensuring your spot in the building staff’s good graces for another year of leaky faucets and inconvenient home deliveries.

The tipping recommendations are doorman-approved, too: To collect the data that fuels the calculator’s algorithm, TripleMint surveyed over 100 New York City doormen on tipping standards and expectations.

One of the holiday season’s tricky little gifting quandaries has now been officially solved.