Shockingly, stealing someone’s armrest isn’t on the list.

Tourist taking photo
Credit: Getty Images

A list of the things that most annoy travelers has come out, and you’re never going to guess what took the top spot.

Actually, you totally are going to guess, because it’s selfie sticks. The survey, which was compiled by travel-dating website Miss Travel, confirms that despite the iPhone accessory’s burgeoning popularity, many travelers resent its head-whacking, space-hogging, attention-diverting tendencies. (Of course they’re not alone—various airports, train stations, amusement parks, and museums around the world have banned the use of selfie sticks. Even the Pope hates them.)

But that’s not the only thing that’s bugging people—it seems that quite a few tech items are irking vacationers this year. Travelers claim that the presence of technology and social media over-sharing takes away from the experience as a whole.

What else drives travelers nuts? According to the 58,000-plus people who were surveyed, these are travelers’ five biggest pet peeves:

1. Selfie sticks
2. Hogging overhead compartments
3. Using an iPad to take photos
4. Distraction with social media
5. Smelly food on airplanes

The takeaway: if you want to stay in your travel companions’ good graces, take selfies the old-fashioned way. (Like, with your arm.) And never, ever, ever bring a tuna sandwich on a plane.