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Your own brain could be getting in the way of realizing your true travel dreams.

At least, that's according to one British travel company, which has unveiled what it says is a new technology that analyzes facial expressions to develop a personalized travel itinerary based on subconscious thoughts.

Perhaps you’re lying about wanting to visit a destination friends have been raving about, or you feel bad about preferring shopping to snorkeling. Either way, Destination U, by British travel company TUI, promises to analyze facial reactions and tell users what vacations will really bring them joy.

The software, developed by RealEyes, directs cameras at 149 different points on the face to track subtle facial reactions, according to The Telegraph. A two-minute video plays, showing a series of people engaged in different travel activities (skiing, relaxing on the beach, trekking through greenery).

Destination U works based on the theory that viewers will have subtle facial reactions to the videos that will reveal their true, subconscious thoughts and feelings about each destination.

At the end of the video, Destination U will reveal which activity your face responded to most positively.

The technology is still in prototype and is not widely available to customers. But, if TUI expands the product, it could be implemented on a webcam, allowing anyone to see where their face might take them.

Facial recognition and scanning for feelings are not entirely new concepts in the travel sphere. Last year, Expedia released a web campaign called “Discover Your Aloha” that recognized facial reactions to different activities in Hawaii with a webcam and a series of videos.