Many Americans Are Canceling Their Trips to Mexico

A new survey indicates more travelers are opting to stay within the United States.

Trips to Mexico Being Canceled

There’s a new self-imposed, fear-inspired travel ban happening among American travelers.

U.S.-based travelers are increasingly canceling trips to Mexico, reports Travel Weekly. According to a recent survey of 166 travel agents conducted by the MAST Travel Network, eight percent said they have clients who have canceled or re-booked trips to other destinations.

MAST also said 52 percent of the agents reported they have clients who specifically indicated that they did not want to travel to Mexico, while 49 percent said their clients do not want to travel internationally.

“The intensifying issues of immigration, the border wall, and trade are, in my view, going to cause some customers to think twice about a vacation in Mexico if they feel they are not welcome,” John Werner, president and COO of MAST, told Travel Weekly. “I don't believe anyone should feel that way, but based on our member survey, agents are hearing concerns from their clients.”

Mexico remains MAST's most popular destination for leisure travelers.

“Since these disputes are not going away, I feel business will be impacted,” Werner said. “It remains to be seen how much. But we are not waiting to see how this plays out before taking action.”

Werner said he proposed a letter-writing campaign to U.S. legislators responsible for tourism and that agents should make a list of talking points to use when discussing Mexico with clients. He also told Travel Weekly that MAST would use a portion of its marketing and advertising budget on a campaign called “Why Go to Mexico.”

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