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Nothing gold can stay, no party was meant to last, and there’s no such thing as a permanent vacation.

We all hold these truths to be self-evident, and yet we can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness as Labor Day comes and goes, and the end of summer approaches.

For those about to embark on one last vacation hurrah and dreading the transition back to the office, these six tricks may help you get back in the swing of work life and avoid the post-vacation blues.

1. Schedule an adjustment day.

Travelers embarking on an active vacation or those who are flying between time zones should schedule at least one day to adjust back to civilian life. Spend this day doing laundry, preparing to go back to work, and getting back on a normal sleep cycle.

2. Relive your travels.

Don’t forget about your vacation as soon as you head back to work. Keep sharing photos on social media or writing about it.

Although the habit may annoy your friends and followers, it’s good for the soul and a great mini-mental escape. Consider picking up a book or movie that takes place in your vacation destination to continue reliving the experience.

3. Decorate your home with souvenirs.

A colorful souvenir from a far-off locale can trigger vacation memories every time you see it. Bring back a woven blanket, fun mug, or locally-made piece of clothing to incorporate something from your vacation into your daily life.

The sentiment also applies to the office, where a small knick-knack on your desk could bring back fun vacation memories when meeting deadlines.

4. Come back in the middle of the week.

Not only is it often cheaper to book a flight in the middle of the week, it’s much less daunting to come back to work for a shortened week.

5. Book a trip right before an exciting project.

If you’re actually looking forward to something at work, it will prove that much easier to get out of bed and head into the office. If possible, schedule vacations right before a project you’re actually excited about. Plus when you get back, you’ll have renewed energy to commit.

6. Stay in a vacation mindset.

Just because you’re back at work doesn’t mean you need to think about work all the time. Be sure to schedule and maintain time for relaxation. Taking mental breaks, especially during the first days back, can stave off any immediate feelings of burnout.

7. Look forward to your next vacation.

It’s been shown that one of the most rewarding parts about travel is not the actual travel itself, but the process of planning. As soon as you get back from one vacation, start immediately planning for the next to keep up your momentum. Start your planning with the best new travel apps in 2017.