Factory Design Twister Seat
Credit: Courtesy of FactoryDesign

Long flights can be hard to survive no matter where you’re sitting—and with your personal in-flight space constantly at risk, designers have turned to some creative seating concepts to make your experience a bit more comfortable. We’ve seen numerous cures for the torturous middle seat, and a stacked seating design that left us a little uneasy, but the newest design to surface is like no other: a flexible seat that bends and moves with your body.

The Twister Seat, by FactoryDesign, is inspired by the human body itself. The seat is contructed around a spine-and-rib like skeletal structure that allows the seat to pivot and shift its shape as a passenger moves. Want to rest a little bit more on your side? No problem. The Twister seat moves to allow a comfortable position without creating painful pressure points—a huge plus for those in it for the long haul.

Lindsey Campbell is the Associate Audience Engagement Editor. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at@lyndzicampbell.