The Women Behind Netflix's 'The Home Edit' Share Their Best Holiday Organizational Tips

From the bar cart to the closet, here's what you need to know.

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The holiday season is in full swing, and the ladies of The Home Edit are here to help spread a bit more cheer with a few top-notch organizational tips on everything from decorations to crafting the perfect bar cart with the help of Cointreau.

“What a 2020 partnership to have,” Clea Shearer shares of their new holiday partnership with Cointreau. “I mean, what is more appropriate than a partnership involving cocktails?”

Indeed, it’s true. Since 2020 is the worst, and we all deserve a drink and a good time, here are a few of Shearer and her partner Joanna Teplin’s tips to making this year’s holiday sparkle.

Crafting the perfect holiday decor theme

According to Teplin and Shearer, coming up with a decor theme can help cut back on the stress of decorating, and frankly make it way more fun along the way.

“Themed decor is always a really wonderful holiday tradition,” Shearer says. “This year I lead into a white and gold motif.”

For your themed decor, Teplin and Shearer suggest starting with a color scheme and going from there. Or, just going with whatever theme will make you happiest, because that’s what the holidays are all about.

“I have a bunch of different trees,” Shearer admits, noting her rainbow tree may be her favorite. “I couldn't commit to just one.”

The Home Edit cocktail cart
Courtesy of The Home Edit

Stocking the ideal bar cart

This time of year wouldn’t be the same without a well-crafted signature cocktail. “Cocktails are a necessity this year at all times, but especially during the holidays,” Teplin says.

Both women note that their holiday decor themes also extend to decorating their bar carts with the appropriate pops of color and all the right cocktail fixings.

“Of course, you need your Cointreau, and you want to make sure your base spirits are accounted for,” Shearer says. That includes any mixers or add-ons for cocktails. But, the women also want to make sure you take the important step of inventorying your bar cart before buying anything new to avoid more seasonal clutter.

“Take a look at also the bottles that you have that might've shown up from a gift from someone at some point, maybe there's like a millimeter left in one bottle,” Shearer explains. “You do want to go through your bottles and figure out what you're actually using and what you're not using.”

Ensuring a merry virtual party with friends and family around the world

Remember that bar cart above? It can play a key role in your virtual festivities this year, too.

“If you're doing a virtual happy hour cocktail, Zoom, or virtual holiday party, you can show off your bar cart in the back,” Teplin adds.

As for how to celebrate the season together, the women note you could all toast with the same signature cocktail over video chat to make it feel as though you’re all together in person instead. Try adding in an activity, meal, or anything else you can all do no matter your location to have a shared experience.

The Home Edit Holiday Tips
Courtesy of The Home Edit

Organizing it all to use again next year

“The best way to store holiday decor is honestly lightweight, airtight plastic storage,” Shearer says. “You can stack them and they're easy to label, too.”

But, their best tip is this: Create an inventory list of everything in the box and tape it to the outside of the bin. This way, it’s clearly labeled so you avoid over-buying new items next year.

“And once one bin becomes overly full with something, at that point you know ‘I don't need to buy any more,” Shearer says.

Both women note it’s key to also look at your decorations early next holiday season before purchasing anything new. Take down the boxes and go through each one to see once again what you need and what you don’t. “It's often that it’s out of sight out of mind and you forget what you have, so pull it down first and then decide what you need to fill in with,” Teplin adds.

Ready to toast to the season? Check out all of The Home Edit and Cointreau’s tips here, and create one of their signature cocktails by following the recipe below.

Clea’s color-coded cosmo


  • 0.75 oz Cointreau
  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 0.75oz Fresh Lime Juice 0.5 oz Chai Hibiscus Syrup 2 oz Sparkling Rosé


Add all ingredients to shaker except for rosé. Add ice, shake, and strain. Finish with bubbles.

Chai hibiscus syrup

1:1 sugar to water, bring to boil. Turn off and let chai and hibiscus steep for 5 minutes. Strain and serve when cool.

Stacey Leasca is a journalist, photographer, and media professor. Her bookshelf is color coded because The Home Edit told her too, and she loves it. Send tips and follow her on Instagram now.

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