These Are the Hottest Spots on Ibiza This Summer

DJ duo Chris and Steve Martinez break down their favorite spots on the iconic island.

As the most famous party capital in the world, Ibiza draws crowds with its non-stop parties, chic lounges, and stylish bars. But this Balearic island off the southern coast of Spain is also the quintessential vacation destination treating visitors to picture-perfect beaches, world-class dining, unique boutiques, and luxury hotels.

Aerial view of Porroig and Cala Jondal beach, south of Ibiza. Spain.
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Unfortunately, just like the rest of the world, the pandemic put a halt on Ibiza's nightlife, but after two years, action at Europe's clubbing mecca is back in full swing.

We caught up with DJs Chris and Steve Martinez, aka the Martinez Brothers, who just celebrated the island's official season opening at W Ibiza's W Lounge. There, the house duo also unveiled the remix of their latest track, "Tócame," created in collaboration with music producer Any Loida Sanson. The party continued at the hotel's brand-new "mini club" Below, where guests will have the opportunity to hear the most exclusive names in the industry spin throughout the entire summer.

The W Ibiza Hotel
Lutz Vorderwuelbecke/Courtesy of W Ibiza

While The Martinez Brothers hail from New York, the duo have been regulars on Ibiza since 2007 and consider the island their second home. This summer, you can catch them in the iconic music venue Hï Ibiza from June 14 until September 27, where they will headline their first solo residency.

Of course, we asked them about the hottest spots of the summer on Ibiza.

Chris and Steven Martinez DJ'ing at W Hotel Ibiza
Courtesy of W Ibiza

"We really like Capuccino [Grand Café] down at the marina," they began. The brothers also recommend Blue Marlin and Ibiza Thai. "There's a Mexican spot called El Deseo, which has crazy good Mexican food. I think it's the best Mexican food on the island. [They have] really good tacos and amazing quesadillas. And there's an Italian spot that we always go to: Dolce Vite."

Golden early morning light falls on old town Ibiza
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As for shopping, "We frequently visit Antonioli," the brothers told us. "It's a designer spot, but they have super cool clothes, and they're always bringing in new stuff." The Martinezs also recommended checking out Capote, a new sunglasses store with "super cool frames."

Aerial view of the clear beach and turquoise water of Formentera, Ibiza
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And for the perfect souvenir? "Something that's really local from Ibiza — and if the person you are shopping for likes alcohol — is a bottle of Hierbas," Chris and Steve said. "It's sugar cane liquor, but it's made here in Ibiza, and you can only find it here. It's really sweet and kind of tastes like Sambuca. I've never seen it anywhere else in the world. For years, that was our go-to drink: Hierbas on ice."

It is Vedrá at dusk, in summer
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And finally, for the must-see spot of the trip, they recommend checking out a beach called Cala Jondal. "There's [also] this place called Atlantis [Pedrera de Cala d'Hort], which is a little bit of a hike but it's worth it. You always have to visit Es Vedrà. That's the big rock that's in the middle of the islands. It's magical."

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