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By Lindsey Campbell
August 11, 2016
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Is your desk reminiscent of your disorganize childhood bedroom? Could your mouth put an old-time sailor to shame? Well, it could mean you’re pretty smart. Studies show people who are messy, swear a lot, or stay awake longer tend to be more intelligent. [Business Insider]

If you love food as much as we do there’s no doubt you spend plenty of time scouring the internet for recipes, you’ve probably even come across a blog or two you’ve fallen in love with. Now’s your chance to shine some light on your favorite blogs and vote for then in Saveur’s 2016 Blog awards—cast your ballots now! [Saveur]

Summertime is best not only for cool beachside cocktails and long road trips, but also for all the delicious fresh food. And while watermelon and wine coolers might be a staple at those backyard cookouts, there’s one natural treat you should add to your list: cucamelons (watermelon + cucumber). [Huffington Post]

Packing for a trip can be hard, but that challenge multiplies when you hit the road for business. Professional clothing, laptop and other must-have work gear can make any suitcase bust at the seams. Here are 12 packing tips ever business traveler should know. [Business Insider]

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