And it was all caught on camera.

Spirit Airlines
Credit: © AR Images / Alamy Stock Photo

An altercation over portable speaker volume got violent on a Spirit Airlines flight to Los Angeles this week. According to the airline spokesman, tensions erupted upon touch town at Los Angeles International Airport, when a small group of reportedly intoxicated women began physically fighting.

Here’s what’s being reported: When passengers asked a group of women to turn the volume down on their portable speakers, one of the women demanded, "What are you going to do?" The women then held the boom box in the air, like they were recreating the iconic scene in Say Anything.

When the fight dissolved into hair-pulling and punches, passengers held up their phones, capturing Instagram videos of the melee.

Airport police soon arrived, and pulled the five women off the plane. The FBI was also called to the scene to investigate. No arrests were made, and, luckily no one was seriously hurt. Whether these travelers will make 2016’s list of the worst tourists of the year is yet to be determined.