Your selfies are ruining your vacation.

Tourist Taking a Selfie in Canada
Credit: Ji-fang Zhang/Getty Images

The average person spends about nine hours of a weeklong vacation on social media, according to a study from Expedia.

While people may feel obligated to post photos showing their vacations, 44 percent of the 2,000 people that Expedia surveyed said that they felt social media ruined their holiday experience in some way.

“Although people have said that social media can ruin their holiday experiences, it seems it is still a significant aspect of their trip,” Alex Platts, a commercial director at Expedia, said in a statement.

The commitment to making a trip look perfect online goes deep: 10 percent of Expedia’s respondents admitted that they’ll take up to 15 photos of one pose to make sure they’re capturing the perfect holiday selfie.

About a quarter of respondents said they pay more attention to social media when they’re on vacation, which, arguably, negates the whole point of a vacation.

Expedia’s response to the social media addict on vacation is a tool called “Stay Off Social” that posts directly to social media on a traveler’s behalf while they’re away. Users put in their vacation destination, how long they’ll be gone and how often they want Expedia to post. They can then select from a series of photos from their destination, update a caption and program “Stay Off Social” to post on their behalf. For those who don’t mind generic stock photos and just want to make followers and friends back home jealous, Expedia’s tool is a perfect fit.

Or travelers can just wait until they get back from travels to post those jealousy-inducing vacation photos. Some studies have found that sharing vacation photos on social media will make you happier.